What Does HearScreener Do?


An Audiology Business Growth System

HearScreenerTM provides high quality hearing leads at a fraction of what you would normally pay, while keeping your data secure, your staff focused and customers engaged. It was designed with these 5 critical business growth needs in mind:


  • Leads that are qualified by the quality of their hearing, so that you only engage with those who actually need a hearing solution.
  • No more buying unreliable marketing data;
  • No more cold calling or mailing unresponsive strangers;
  • Customer facing staff focus on customer care rather than “selling”.
  • Lead data that is accurate, live, and fully populated with all the information you need.


HearScreenerTM was designed from the ground up, by a group of world-leading Practice Owners, Clinicians, Digital Design Experts and Business Growth Consultants who were passionate about finding a solution to the frustrations of serving patients’ needs and finding new patients at the same time, that didn’t cost the earth.


The Results

Find out what results you can expect and read more about the huge success our existing clients have had.


Working with Partners and Patients

Working with partners and patients alike, we found the perfect way to attract the right people; find the right potential customers; provide an engaging low cost service they want; and capture everything you need to start building a relationship. The results we achieved exceeded our own expectations, let alone those of our clients.

"Wow ... just to let you know that we have made two further appointments from last week\'s activity. However, we have only really scratched the surface so far in terms of our follow-up on these leads (I make it approx. 80 to 85 leads in our first fortnight, 14 from this weekend alone!). I was hoping that we would receive at least 2 - 3 leads per day; well, it is much more that that!"  -  Bridgend Hearing.



We target the fastest growing, leading edge of the hearing aid patient market. The over 50’s who are starting to notice the effects of age and noise induced hearing loss, and are comfortable with using basic digital technology themselves.

But our system is NOT a simplified clinical audiogram, it evaluates what they are experiencing with hearing loss in day to day life. They’re also young enough to want to improve the quality of their life, with enough available income to do so through premium solutions.

Find Out More

Find out more about the data and reports available, or anything else regarding HearScreenerTM; we’d be happy to help.



Who It Is For

Providing low cost, high quality leads with minimal effort, the HearScreenerTM is intended for those clinical practices managers or business owners, who are looking to grow their business profitably, and reduce the cost of acquiring new hearing assessment and solution patients.

In short, it’s for smart, professional people like you who know that to thrive in today’s market, you have to stay ahead of the game. People like our client below…

“I’d been so frustrated by how much I was paying just to get access to a few marketing lists, and paying people to find me new customers, people who didn’t understand my business enough to get good results. I knew I had to start thinking outside of the box, and then I found the guys at HearScreener, and it’s a very different picture now, a much much brighter picture!” – Dispenser, Chester

HearScreenerTM installations can make a huge difference whether you’re a sole proprietor/dispenser looking to fill seats; an owner of small chain of practices looking to expand, or you run a successful group and are looking to save on customer acquisition costs.

Whether its one unit on your own site, or you have fifty located in every golf club, health centre, pharmacist or opticians in the county, you get the same high grade solution, same excellent customer service and a fantastic rate of return that’s completely scalable to your business goals.


The Results

Find out what results you can expect and read more about the huge success our existing clients have had.


Find Out More

Find out more about the data and reports available, or anything else regarding HearScreenerTM; we’d be happy to help.





How It Works


A combination of the latest in interactive technology with the most cost effective and ethical marketing tools available. A beautifully designed and highly engaging addition to any practice, health centre or retail area where your potential customers might be. And it doesn’t even need to be manned, fully performing its duty of attracting, engaging and capturing potential customer data ready for your attention wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.


Following Up

The message they receive will be depended upon the assessment result, graded Red (Definite Hearing Loss), Amber (Suspected Hearing Loss), and Green (no detectable hearing loss). They will also receive a more detailed follow up email, again with a customisable CTA directed to your practice for a full audiometric test and prescription.

All the data itself held securely, belongs to you, and is accessible through our purpose built website.

Find out more about the data, its security, and the reports available to you.

The kiosk itself, while fully functional and contemporary in style, can be fully branded to include your own logo and colour scheme, and comes complete with promotional merchandising. With the best in high street brand equipment, the kiosk not only looks professional, but feels professional.

Find out more about the Equipment Standards we use.



Hearing Screening

Customer takes 3 simple hearing appraisals with real-world sounds, touch-screen technologies and noise-cancelling headphones.


Data Collection

HearScreenerTM collects customer data including age, gender and test results.
Data written to secure DPA compliant cloud database.


Customer's Results

HearScreenerTM provides the customer with an instant percentage and written summary result, recommending next steps based on the result outcome.


Calls to Action

Customer receives mobile SMS message with calls to action to view their full report online (or book appointment with vendor).


Customer Online Report

Customer logs in to view full report online (recorded as customer status change by HearScreener).


Advertising / Cross Promo

HearScreenerTM provides you the vendor with in-screen branding and advert placement options to cross-promote other business services.


Customer Conversions

Customers with hearing issues urged to book assessments with you the vendor (recorded as customer status change by HearScreenerTM).


Pre-Qualified Leads

HearScreenerTM reports on all customers screened, allowing follow-up marketing for those customers not yet booked into appointments.

The Assessment

The HearScreenerTM assessment is purely qualitative and in no way is intended to replace the audiometric test that is provided by the clinical practitioner. Designed by hearing loss experts, it does however provide a very high degree of confidence in the broad result indicting whether there is sufficient hearing loss to warrant a full audiometric test and a potential prescribed hearing solution.

More importantly it is created to:

  • Be easy to use unaided;
  • Give the user a real-life appreciation of the level of their hearing loss; and
  • Provide a realisation of its effect on their quality of life; and the motivation to have the problem fully assessed.


Client Endorsements

Don’t take our word for it of course, you can see some the results our clients are happy to disclose to you on our Testimonials Page.

The Appraisal Itself

Taking no more than 5 minutes to complete, the assessment has 18 test elements, each one using recorded background sounds such as TV/music playing in the back ground, a busy shopping centre, a crowded restaurant. The user is then asked to recognise a series of words and letters that are played to them as the background sounds change in volume. Their ability to answer correctly across the range of tests then provides a qualitative score, which places them in one of the three assessment response bands:

  • Red – Score less than 76% - Definite hearing loss
  • Amber – Score of between 76% and 94% - Possible Hearing Loss
  • Green – Score 95% or more – Hearing is OK

The user is guided from start to finish by the systems friendly virtual presenter, a video recording that moves forward as each phase is completed. We can, where viable, create regional or national video presenters so your customers feel more at home.


Find Out More

Find out more about the data and reports available, or anything else regarding HearScreenerTM; we’d be happy to help.



Customer Report

Mobile Calls to Action

Following a customer's completion of the HearScreenerTM process, the app provides them with an instant summary result. If they provide a mobile number as part of their contact details, they will also receive a SMS text message to that handset.

Currently, this SMS features a thank you message and an invitation. Optinally, we can include an invitation to call a number dedicated to your business, to book a full assessment.


Simple Login, Detailed Report

We are currently developing a mobile-friendly and secure Customer Hearing Report login to allow those recently screened to access more details on what they passed and failed within their screening. This will also be linked from the SMS and again invite the user to book an appointment with you.


Your Lead Data


Accessing Your Lead Data

You can securely log in to the HearScreenerTM system to access your lead data at any time you wish, via a web browser with internet connection. As the data is stored in the cloud and uses device-agnostic browsing software, you can access your lead data from smartphone, tablet or desktop, whether you're a Windows or Mac user.

As long as you can connect to the internet from your device via a network, WiFi or cellular connection, you can access your data anytime, anywhere.


The Report Available

The primary purpose of HearScreenerTM is to provide you with high quality active leads, and the necessary information for you to easily and quickly engage with those leads, converting them in to hearing assessments and prescriptions. The kiosk and its engaging assessment do all that hard work for you, so what do you actually get in terms of data, how do you access it, and what can you do with it?


The user data captured by the software contains key contact details, including:

  • Name, email address, mobile number,
  • Street address and post code,
  • Gender and age range, and
  • Their assessment results.


You can access your data on-line at any time, and choose to set notifications of new users as they come in. Full training and support is provided to enable you to get the very best use of this incredibly valuable lead information.

The Data at Source

The data captured by kiosks under your control, is owned by you and not available to any other HearScreenerTM client. The data is stored on-line remotely with a UK based data house, whose clients include some of the largest most sensitive data gathers in the country, so security and reliability meets the highest industry standards.


HearScreenerTM is built to ensure full compliance with Current UK Data Protection and Privacy Laws for the security of its users, you our client and ourselves as a responsible and ethical business. 


Find Out More

Find out more about the data and reports available, or anything else regarding HearScreenerTM; we’d be happy to help.


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