HearScreener Expected Results


Expected Results


Firstly the actual results you get in terms of leads generated depends very much on where you place the HearScreenerTM. While it fulfils its function with excellence, it’s only as good as the people that get to see and use it. The good news is however, that with our help and advice, we’ll ensure you find the best placement to get the maximum opportunity, and provide you with all the necessary material to help promote and highlight its position. You can

Find out what makes a great HearScreenerTM position.

To demonstrate what results are achievable when positioned correctly, we’ll explain using best and least effective (which were still good by the way), the results we experienced from our own testing, and client case studies. But before we do that, let’s set ourselves a bench mark for comparison…


Traditional Methods

Typically, outside of referrals and passing traffic, it would cost a hearing aid dispenser between £300-£600 to acquire a sale, either through a no guarantee pay-per-lead with a 10% conversion rate, or for a half decent local press advert. And from our own experiences in the industry we’ve seen practices spend over £5,000 every month as part of their marketing budget. Of course, you’ll have a feel for how much your're currently paying, and what you’re getting in return so bear that in mind.

With HearScreenerTM

Now, compare a fairly well positioned HearScreenerTM (either bought or leased), getting reasonable traffic generating as little as 2 leads per day. Leads that you know are high quality, likely have a hearing loss, complete their age and contact details.

Now imagine by buying or leasing, you paying just £14 for that lead. How does it compare? Worth it? Well that's the least effective case.


When our we and our clients have positioned HearScreenerTM kiosks in good positions in ideal locations such as medical centres or busy opticians, they typically get used at least every hour, by people who already have an inkling of a hearing problem and are ready to take action. The cost per lead – around £1.20 each! Even with a pessimistic 10% conversion rate, you’re now only acquiring a hearing solutions client for just £11.20…. At least an incredible 95% saving on your traditional acquisition costs.


Find Out More

We know it works, our clients know it works for them, but will it work for you?

Don’t take our word for it of course, you can see some the results our clients are happy to disclose to you.



Client Results

On average, a well-positioned HearScreener lead Generation Kiosk will have:

  • 3 kiosk users per day, or 70 per month

Once cleaned and qualified, we typically see:

  • 50 genuine high quality fresh opportunities per month

Opportunities, who when engaged using our Lead Management Process and/or Appointment Making Service, will produce:

  • 20 Appointments per month!

Depending upon the range of services and the payment plan you’ll choose from us, it equates to:

  • Only £7.00 per lead, or
  • Only £42 per high quality, high converting appointment.

If you were to convert just half of those appointments to hearing solutions customers, at a retail value of £1,400, you’d be achieving an:

  • Evocative R.O.I. of over 1100% (no, it’s NOT a mistake – 1100%)

Of course, we don’t believe in leaving it to chance, that is why we can also offer our expertise and advice in how to convert those appointments into valued lifelong customers.

To find out how HearScreenerTM Audiology Business Growth Systems can help YOU, let’s have a no pressure, no commitment conversation now.



Just Some of Our Clients

On-Screen Guide

HearScreenerTM comes with our own on-screen guide; a video-based virtual presenter who guides your customers through the screening process, without them having to struggle to read on-screen guidance notes.


Custom On-Screen Guide

As part of the customisation options for the system, we are able to offer you the ability to replace our video-based virtual presenter with one of your own; HearScreenerTM can help you record your presenter in one of our green-screen video studios. This gives you the flexibility of customising your HearScreenerTM for operation in regions with stronger colloquial accents or translation into different languages.

Calls to Action


Custom SMS Message

As part of the system, when a customer completes a screening and gives a mobile number as a contact number, HearScreenerTM sends them a SMS text message to their mobile handset.

All apps are configured with a standard SMS title and text message, containing a standard greeting and Call to Action to view their detailed screening report online. However, we give you the ability to customise both message title and message text for your business.

Report & Promotion


Branded Customer Reports

As standard, when your customer logs into their mobile-friendly detailed screening report, the HearScreenerTM system branding is applied to the web pages containing their information. However, we are able to offer you the option to apply your own business branding to these web pages.

As your customer logs in to the the Hearing Screening Results Website, the HearScreenerTM system cross-references the mobile number they used to log in, to match them as one of your customers and can apply your business branding to the website containing their report.

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