Is HearScreener for My Business?


Will It Work For Me?


HearScreenerTM works perfectly in generating low cost high quality leads, when it’s fully utilised and used correctly. So yes, indeed it will work for you to achieve those leads if you work with us, learn from our own experiences and the experiences of our clients. Coming from the industry ourselves, we understand not just your needs, but your concerns and potential pitfalls as well, that’s why we’ve made HearScreenerTM such a success. We work in partnership, sharing knowledge, ideas and successes so we all gain from working together.


Ultimately we also recognise that you may need more than our word for it, so take a look at our client testimonials, from people like you, who have allowed us to share with you their experiences, so you know what is truly possible when we work together.


To give you an idea of how best to put HearScreenerTM into action, we’ve created a short guide to Getting the Best Result (click tab above). It will also give you an opportunity to start to think about where you can best use HearScreenerTM and make it look like your own.


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Find out more about the data and reports available, or anything else regarding HearScreenerTM; we’d be happy help.


Get The Best Results


To get the best out of HearScreenerTM, it’s all about Location, Location, Location! Both in the wider sense of the type of premises, and in the specific of where on the floor.


On the broader sense, the ideal location is where your ideal customer might meet up, or go to for health related purposes. It’s important to point out, that they don’t need to be in your own premises. Identify your ideal location or event and speak to the person who owns or operates it to see if you can agree terms (formally or informally).


Needing only a single mains power point, they’re quit mobile and can be relocated when and where needs be. Here are some great examples:

  • GP Surgeries/Health centres
  • Opticians
  • Sporting Clubs such as Indoor bowls or Golf
    (two days at a recent golf tournament produced leads generating £36,000 in sales!)
  • Social Centres and Health Spas
  • Noisy Industry Trade Shows and Health Care Expos
  • Open Days & Exhibitions


More specifically, when you’ve found your ideal site, they should ideally be sited either in a communal or waiting area, or where there is good foot traffic. With its sleek design and engaging technology, the kiosk is something to show case. Of course with a range of promotional material available, from floor stickers to flyers, and our expert support, we’ll make sure it’s something that adds value to the location, and your market.


The ultimate approach of course, is to truly make your kiosk fit in by customising the branding to your own style. With full flexibility and even help with design work, we can ensure the kiosk becomes a statement item, and carries your brand forward wherever it’s located.


Find Out More

Find out more about the data and reports available, or anything else regarding HearScreenerTM; we’d be happy help.

Appointment Booking


For some of our clients, the introduction of the HearScreenerTM system has meant a sharp increase in the number of customers contacting them to arrange a full hearing assessment.

For others, where customers have been less forthcoming, they have had to recruit additional team members to follow up on all the additional screening leads from their kiosk(s).

Creative Resources


Digital Ad Design

Within the HearScreenerTM team are associated digital designers and developers that can assist you with the design and production of optional Mid Page Unit (MPU) adverts to cross-promote your own special offers.

These adverts sit alongside the detailed hearing screening reports customers log in to the website to view; they can be linked to specific URLs (web addresses) within your own website, making the conversion on these Calls to Action traceable and reportable.

Our designers are able to create either static or animated MPUs, dependent on your requirements.

Web Development Services


Responsive Web Development

Our own team of website designers and developers have ensured that our website is responsive and mobile-ready, optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop, allowing us to serve our clients which ever device they come to us from.

We can extend this skillbase to offer you, our clients, the same level of design and development resource, should you own website be in need of modernising.

Your existing and prospective customers are increasingly using mobile technologies (smartphones and tablets) to interact with your online business presence and you need to ensure that their user experience is as good as it can be; otherwise they may go elsewhere.

Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our optional website design and development services, as part of your HearScreenerTM business growth activities.

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