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Pricing Structures

We use the term investment rather than Price, not because we think it’s easier, or a name change will make you feel better about parting with money, but because we designed and built this system to help businesses grow, not to rob them of hard earned cash. We built the system on the basis of an incredible strong Return On Investment, and that the term we use because it’s true. We not only believe it, we guarantee it!

Here’s how…

  • We’ve easily proven an average lead cost of below £10, and more likely £6
  • We know that’s at least a 75% saving on average industry costs;
  • We work with you to ensure unit placement and promotion will deliver the best results;
  • We can support and help you to move from lead to appointment, and beyond if needs be;
  • We know, with our help you can achieve at least a 40% conversion
  • That means, YOU know that for every £1 you spend on Hearing Screener, you will likely return at least £400!
  • What’s more the lead data you capture is YOUR for life.



So, for the investment, we have number of options based around the combination of two key parts.

Part 1 – Either Outright Purchase of Screener, or Lease Hire

Part 2 – Monthly Subscription to the Hearing Screener On-line data Access and Reporting Site   


There is of course the level of support you may need, and the options for bespoke branding and report customisation to consider, so we can only quote you a price once we’ve undertaken an initial conversation with you. But I can safely predict that the annual costs will be a lot cheaper than you pay for other lead generation sources.


So, give us a call on +44 (0)33 3939 0078 or complete an enquiry form, and we’ll speak to you soon.  

About Us

Hearing Services (UK) is the combined culmination of over 35years experience in building audiology business and providing highly professional business-to-business advisory and consultancy services. It’s mission is simple:


To Provide the Tools, Systems, Training and Services that allow those who pursue the honourable profession of helping other to hear clearly, to grow their practices and deliver the personal and business benefits of growing list of new patients.


Lead by two great characters, who take pride in their reputations for success, and joy in bringing success to other, Hearing Services (UK) through its HearScreener brand and Team of dedicated staff and associates has operations and clients across England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Eire and the Isle of Man.  All fully committed to delivering the results you need.



Guy Wolstencroft

Founder, HearScreenerTM
CEO, Hearing Solutions Group

Qualifying as an audiologist nearly 20 years ago, Guy is a well-respected and active member of the UK audiology community. With a wealth of experience in audiology business development at a national and independent practice level, Guy’s drive and enthusiasm for life and his profession is infections and adds such high value to his wealth of technical and practice leadership knowledge.

Guy is without doubt, the Business’s “Dynamic Connector & Relationship Builder”, utilising his vast network, and contagious drive and enthusiasm to rally support and inspire other to support and partner our vision. That said, he never shies away from getting in the trenches of a business, a master of practical application, he has personally trained over 200 audiologists and loves speaking from the stage to a keen and inquisitive audience.

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Darran Hughes

MD, Hearing Services (UK)
Director of Operations & Development, Hearing Solutions Group

With a 20 year string reputation for building and leading premium business-to-business technical, advisory and consulting services on both sides of the Atlantic, Darran is known as the business’s “Engineer” turning ideology into tangibility. His passion for all this “psychological” and technological brings a unique prize in his ability to develop a keen understanding of market language and the most effective way to engage with them.

As a veteran consultant, trainer, coach and author, Darran gets the very best out of the businesses he leads and supports through providing clarity, focus, and a cunning plan which has earned him the nick name of “The Hammer” due to his adeptness at hitting the “Nail on the Head” when it comes to getting to the root of a problem and finding solutions.

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