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12 May 2015

When Selling Your Product Looses You Sales!

Do you remember the fable of the race between the Tortoise and the Hare?  Remember who won? The slower but consistent pace of the tortoise won him the prize, and it’s no different in selling hearing aid products.

In today’s Audiology Business Growth post, we’ll show you how controlling the pace of your sales, holding off on the device offer actually results in more sales, and how not selling today, makes selling much easier tomorrow. But before we explain the “How” of that bold tactic, we need explain “why” it works.

 â€œPeople don’t buy products, they buy emotions!”

Contrary to logic, people don’t buy “things”, they buy how the “thing” makes them feel, a purely emotive decision. Hearing Device customers don’t buy the device, they buy the joy of hearing music clearly again; the lack of frustration from mishearing words and instructions; and the confidence of having fully functioning hearing again.

In the same way, our clients don’t buy our HearScreeners, or our appointment generating services, they buy the feeling of security they get from knowing that they have a steady supply of high quality leads and appointments. They buy the satisfaction that they can focus more time on being great audiologists, and less on marketing.

So if buying depends on emotions, and your products deliver all those emotional benefits why wouldn’t you just promote those emotional benefits right away and start selling them?

“Even an eager “buyer” is cautious of who and what it doesn’t know.”

There is a default deep in our brains that says “if I don’t know you/it, then I should be careful”. It’s actually part of our survival instinct, and worked great while we foraged the jungles and forests, but in the absence of bears and tigers, we now see sales and promotions as hungry beasts ready to eat the cash from our pockets. So, before you even begin to sell high value products you need to build trust by demonstrating these four things:

·       You understand their situation (frustrations and desire) as THEY would describe it;

·       You have a something that you can offer, that meets their most immediate need, at a low financial and emotional risk to them;

·       Make that offer as easy to access as possible so they can get a feel for who you are and what you do; and finally

·       Deliver on every promise you make to them.

Once you’ve met those quite personal criteria, then and only then would they consider you to be a “trusted expert”; and when you hold that position in their minds, they are far more likely to respond positively to any offer for a higher value solution or product.

“All the theory in the world, is worth nothing until it’s applied in the real world!”

So, imagine you had a means of achieving those four criteria easily, efficiently and effectively and what it would mean to you and your practice. What difference would it make knowing that the person in your consultation chair had already built a degree of trust in you, saw you as leading edge expert who understood exactly what they were going through? Well it’s all achievable for YOU when you apply the following tactics:

1.     Have a user friendly qualitative assessment HearScreener in a location where you ideal patient frequents. We position our HearScreener’s in pharmacies, opticians, medical practices, and public events, so we capture the attention and interest of those who already perceive they may have a hearing loss issue.

2.     Make the qualitative assessment about them, and apply real life situations so they recognise their issue clearly (we do that throughout the user experience).

3.     Provide an immediate qualitative result so they get instant value, and make it easy to capture their details so you can follow up with them, if they choose to.

4.     Follow up quickly (as promised), and engage them personally to reaffirm you understand their issues and concerns, promoting the benefits of having a full clinical hearing assessment (their most immediate need) without trying to “pitch” the various product options. They want to know you “feel” their condition, and can offer them greater clarity of the problem… Not a sales pitch of the features and benefits of one hearing device over another.

5.     Make it easy for them to book and have that clinical assessment, with no obligations or risk involved. They don’t fully trust you yet, and this is their way of testing you out.

6.     Keep the engagement going with a “thank you” confirmation letter and final reminder. Check they attended the appointment, and if they missed it, don’t be afraid to follow up and re-book.

7.     When they’re in the chair, focus on showing your credibility during the assessment by asking questions about their issues, addressing their concerns, and explaining the results. As you build rapport, you can start to talk about what their future would feel like with full hearing again.

Once you’ve delivered (as promised) on all of those things, THEN they are ready to consider and trust your options for a solution and you are far more likely to get a product sale and fitting. It may seem like your trying to avoid the conversation of product or cost, which you certainly shouldn’t do if asked, but your primary objective should be simply about building the relationship and proving you can be trusted by offering and delivering incremental benefits. So, taking it just a little slower means you get a higher lead to sale conversion rate, and ultimately more sales.

“Would you like help with doing that?”

HearScreener Audiology Business Growth System supports you in each or any of those stages, from providing our highly successful and bespoke lead generating HearScreener kiosks; and finding great kiosks locations through our network of industry connections; and/or implementing our lead management systems; through to using our dedicated and experienced team of tele-appointers to convert those high quality, hot leads into appointments for you.

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