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12 May 2015

Building Customer Rapport: It’s not what you say, it’s the way you say it!

In today’s Audiology Business Growth post, we’ll explain how the “delivery” of your sales and marketing message is actually just as important as the message itself, and some would say even more so. We’ll also share with you how you can increase engagement, build trust, and be seen as the “go to expert” in your market with people who don’t even know you yet. But first, what’s the science behind this highly effective approach, that’s allowed our system to generate significant increases engagement and conversion for our clients?

The principles behind our success is what some communication experts report to be the hierarchy of engagement, or in other words…

“What ways works best, to be remembered.”

We absorb, accept and remember information at different levels based upon how it is delivered (the mode) and our own learning preferences, but generally it is claimed that we remember:

·       less that we read, than we hear;

·       less than we hear, than we see;

·       less than we see, than we say;

·       less than we say, than we do; and

·       less than we do, than we feel!   

Of course, that doesn’t bold well for me as you’re simply “reading” this blog, so we often have to balance effectiveness with efficiency. It’s far more efficient for me to post a blog, than it is to teach you this in person, face to face. But, the principles remain the same, and you can combine more than one method to get the best result.

For example, if you were to meet me in person and we actually had a two way conversation in which you actually had to take some kind of action, which you had a strong emotion from (negative of positive) then you are very likely to remember it and me. If I sent you a letter, unsolicited, the chances are you’d scan it, discard it and forget about it.

“The Perfect Balance of Efficiency and Effectiveness” 

One of the biggest criticisms of communicating by written word, is unless the writer is highly skilled, the reader misses the intention and emotion behind what is being written. Which means that rather than your sales or marketing letter being an expression of your enthusiasm and compassion, it’s simply a reflection of how the reader is feeling in that moment. Your promises of great value and exceptional service will literally fall on deaf ears if your prospect is by nature suspicious or dismissive of sales material, and let’s be fair who isn’t, in this culture of advertisement overload?

That’s why it’s important to remember that to get your message, your brand values and your credibility across, you have to deliver it in a way that uses as many “modes” as possible and they “feel” differently (positively of course) after the interaction. Without a doubt, face to face (as expressed earlier) is the most effective and when it comes to closing a high value sale, is a must, but we need to find practical way of efficiently and effectively engaging those further up the funnel, the potential market, the leads and the prospects.

So what’s the Ideal Balance and How can YOU put it into Practice?

We’ve found the most effective combination is the use of interactive video, as part of a qualitative hearing screener (via kiosk or website) because fundamentally it uses the greatest number of delivery modes:

·       A Text to Read,

·       A Voice to Hear

·       A Moving Image to See

·       An Action to Take

·       An Emotion to Feel

In all of those elements we also pay particular attention to subtle things such as body language, tonality and language structure, as despite being quite subtle, they are actually amongst THE most powerful sub-modes which if not applied correctly, and can undo ALL the good work that having multiple modes can bring. It’s the things that give your potential customer a sense of confidence or mistrust when they interact with you. They are the real “Communication Killers” if not done correctly.

“Remember your Manners and Mannerisms”

For the observant amongst you, you’ll notice the only mode missing from the list above is the “saying”, but we utilise that fully with our team of tele-appointers, who are specifically trained in the art of engagement, rapport building and conversion and understand the value of a real “conversation” with potential patients. You have to remember you manners AND your mannerisms at every contact point from potential, to prospect to patient, as each point can be an opportunity to strengthen credibility and trust, or a potential to be dismissed as unauthentic and unprofessionalism.

“Would you like help with doing that?”

HearScreener Audiology Business Growth System is designed with those very modes and methodologies in mind, from providing our highly successful and bespoke lead generating HearScreener kiosks; and finding great kiosks locations through our network of industry connections; and/or implementing our lead management systems; through to using our dedicated and experienced team of tele-appointers to convert those high quality, hot leads into appointments for you.

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