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12 May 2015

Leave Your Castle and Head to the Mountain

How to avoid dying of old age (and poverty) waiting for you customers to find you, when you can find them!

The days of relying on bright signs and newspaper ads are dead! Not to say they don’t have their value (if you can afford it) in creating local brand awareness, but to rely on them as your sole source of new customers is like selling horse feed from a barn on the M4, where everyone is driving cars. Either go to a Gymkhana, or start selling petrol.

In today’s Audiology Business Growth Post, we’re going to be sharing with you the success our clients are seeing when we help them extend their reach and new customer growth beyond just marketing their name, and help them to focus on where their customers are, and delivering what they “first” need.

“Finding Your Customer Mountains”

We now live in a word where customer attention is driven by accessibility, and experience (either their own or others recommendation). Your first contact point needs to be where “they” normally are, not where you normally are, and to give them some kind of experience of what you do and how you can help them, before they’ll be interested in who (or where) you are. Of course making sure that experience, however small, is a positive one.

So, ask yourself the following questions:

·       Who are my customers (age, gender, socio-economic group, interests, hobbies etc.)?

·       What do they first need, that can we do, that can provide a service and experience, and is zero/low risk/cost to them?

·       Where do they go that allows them “time” to experience what is it we can do for them (see above)?

The key to these questions is the basis of the success our clients get from adopting the HearScreener Business Growth System. So what are they?

“The Four Keys - Who, What, How and Where!”

Some of this won’t be new news, and forgive us if we’re trying to teach you to suck eggs, but what we’ve found is the subtlest distinctions in these answers for the audiology market can make massive differences in the results. Here are our findings:

1.     Your ideal customer (avatar) is likely aged over 45, either male or female, and has some degree of awareness that they have a hearing problem, and are willing and able to invest in resolving that problem. They interact socially (attend events, groups etc.), have family and close friends. They may also have some other age related deterioration, or seek medical help more frequently than most.

2.     Their most immediate need isn’t, surprisingly, a hearing aid! Their most immediate need is some kind of credible confirmation that they may well have a hearing problem, and confidence in a referral to a clinical audiologist for a full check-up. (Read our post on benefits of slowing the sales process here)

3.     You’ll be surprised as where you’ll find your ideal customer, at the right time. Our systems have been successfully used to find hearing solutions customers in pharmacies, medical centres, opticians, age and mobility advice centres; through to golfing events, agricultural shows, and community events. The key ingredient is that they are there, and have the opportunity and means to try your offer, and get a positive experience form it. It helps of course that we capture their contact details and promote a full clinical hearing assessment for those who may need it, so we can keep the engagement and build the relationship.

Of course, the real success comes from having a means to be all those places, and provide that service/experience at a cost effective and highly efficient way. That of course is where the full HearScreener Audiology Business Growth System comes into its own.

“Would you like help with doing that?”

HearScreener Audiology Business Growth System supports you in each or any of those stages, from providing our highly successful and bespoke lead generating HearScreener kiosks; and finding great kiosks locations through our network of industry connections; and/or implementing our lead management systems; through to using our dedicated and experienced team of tele-appointers to convert those high quality, hot leads into appointments for you.

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