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11 Aug 2015

Qualitative Hearing Screening -V- Clinical Audiological Assessment

Why Qualitative Hearing Screening isn’t in the same league, it’s a Game Changer!

We were challenged quite recently, by a highly respected audiologist over the value of our HearScreener Kiosk and Bespoke Lead Generating Application compared to a full clinical audiological assessment by a qualified audiologist, and the answer was, quite simply: We can’t compare! It would be like comparing a marathon runner against a weight lifter, they use two very different techniques, and have different objectives. Our answer came as quite a surprise, as I think they were expecting some kind of debate they knew they would win.

Horses for Courses

When the HearScreener lead generator application was created, it was designed with two very simple objectives:

·       To be a highly cost effective and efficient way of generating high quality “hot” leads; by

·       Providing an readily accessible and easy to use way of allowing potential customers who perceive they may have some level of hearing loss to be screened with credibility; and

·       Capture their contact details and/or be signposted to a professional audiologist for testing.

And that’s what we developed, very successfully we might add. We never were and never will be a cheap and easy replacement for clinical assessments, but we are and always will be, an exceptionally efficient system for getting the right customers into a practice that does provide clinical assessment and the solutions for any problems they find.

We’re not perfect, but we’re highly effective

This is where, true to our values, we are fully open with our claims as to what HearScreener does and more importantly doesn’t do. Firstly, we don’t give a 100% guarantee that all leads and opportunities that come from our system absolutely require a hearing problem that requires a prescribed hearing solution. As a qualitative screening, we can’t and won’t. But statistically, if the user is honest and pays attention to the screening questions, then we see over 90% accuracy in its results.

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Like all raw data, it needs analysing and HearScreener lead data is no different. There are three specific test types we use, which feed up into an overall score which then grades the users hearing, into Red, Amber and Green. When it comes to Amber, and for 100% accuracy sake may be even Red, you need to look at the bigger picture, such as how old they are, what answers they gave, and the location of the HearScreener. HearScreener Lead Generation, unlike clinical testing, isn’t science, it’s qualitative and indicative, but with the right common sense filtering and selection is capable of generating the perfect potential customer for you.

“Would you like help with doing that?”

Of course, our lead management and tele-appointment team are fully trained and aware of what makes a great lead, so you don’t have to.

HearScreener Audiology Business Growth System supports you in your growth, from providing our highly successful and bespoke lead generating HearScreener kiosks; and finding great kiosks locations through our network of industry connections; and/or implementing our lead management systems; through to using our dedicated and experienced team of tele-appointers to convert those high quality, hot leads into appointments for you.

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